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Gillian Kennedy Wright / Artist

Life experience has influenced my versatile designs which include Jamaican, Caribbean, afro centric, multicultural and black themed art. You will find a variety of pieces to jumpstart your taste buds for creativity. Contemporary faces – kid, flora, fauna, and shapes – all handmade [one-of-a-kind art] is portrayed in my love for bold, simple expressive lines and color.
These one-of-a-kind art pieces are sure to give life to any wall. My designs continue to be exhibited and live all over the world, Spain, Jamaica, Canada and the United States. Yes, life has a fun way of taking you on a delightful circuitous route to explore your life’s passion.
As a graphic designer for a T-shirt company I would sit at the end of my day and draw stick figures, funny enough I would toss my sketches in the garbage. One year later I decided to move on to another job. My last day met me with surprise as a coworker presented me with a stack of my discarded sketch sheets and said, “one day these people are going to be AWESOME!” To this day I still have those designs pasted with yellowing rubber cement in a black sketch book in my studio.

Fast forward… almost 30 years since Dafty Duds, Faces and my other one of kind designs have finally come to life! I enjoy playing/designing with bold lines and colors. I love the process of hunting through thrift shops for vintage jewelry and buttons. These become the essentials of what you see here at Kennedy Wright Designs. But most of all I love to share my Jamaican and Caribbean heritage though the names and short bios of my work.

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  • Toronto Art Exhibit
  • Collaboration: African Diaspora
  • Layered, Chicago
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Art Reception with Artist Gillian Kennedy Wright: Featured Oct 2015 at Parkland Library, Parkland, FL


Gillian Kennedy Wright explores patterns, shapes, along with faces of men, women, and vegetation. She has ingeniously entwined flora, fauna and people, portraying them in bright, vibrant, bold, but simple graphic themes. As a Jamaican born Canadian-American, Gillian has had the pleasure of living in three diverse countries.

She was trained as a graphic and textile/fiber designer at Edna Manley School for the Arts in Jamaica. Gillian also has a Bachelor of Science in Organization Management, a Master's Diploma training in Landscape Architecture, and a Masters in Recreation and Sports Management.

She is also an avid Master Gardener. Gillian has exhibited in Jamaica, Spain, Canada, and the United States. Her work can be found mostly in private collections. Gillian presently resides in Florida.

Jamaican Artist Exhibits in Toronto July 1991

Highlight in Share Entertainment - Canada's largest ethnic newspaper - The work of Jamaican artist Gillian Kennedy Wright is being featured in an exhibition at the Jamaican Consulate in downtown Toronto. The varied collection -- entitled "Works on Paper" -- one of her first, includes collage.


"I love colour and I love texture, and explore that in my collage." Kennedy Wright told SHARE.
As a demonstration of her versatility, Kennedy Wright also works in silk screen and water colours, but her greatest love is utilising crayons, and her crayon/ink work is well represented in the exhibition.

Collaboration: African Diaspora, West Palm Beach September 2016

Invited to the African Diaspora Collaboration - that unifies people through their artistic spirit -- Gillian Kennedy Wright brings her bold expressions. Life experience has influenced bold, bright, colorful designs, which include Jamaican, Caribbean, afro-centric, multicultural and black themed art.

Portraits of contemporary faces, flora, fauna and patterns entwine with vintage and semi-precious stones. Honed with a wide selection of international fabrics and mixed media serve as the tools to portray an ever-changing life...fine art canvas.

Collaboration: African Diaspora: The exhibition that unifies people through their artistic spirit.

Center for Creative Education Gallery
West Palm Beach,
September 3 - October 21, 2016

Layered: An interactive Group Exhibition tracing How Art is Made curated by Sergio Gomez

Art-making leaves a trace behind. From studio photos, time lapse videos, texts, social media posts to online sources, contemporary artists provide a glimpse into their studio practice.

This exhibition aims to investigate the trails and clues left behind in the art-making process by presenting various types of documentation from the artists way of working. The works were chosen with the purpose to present a variety of styles, mediums and approaches to art-making."

January 20- March 3, 2017
33 Contemporary Gallery,
Zhou B Art Center Chicago

Sketchbook: An exhibition of artist’s books

The artist’s sketchbook is the nucleus of their creative mind. It is a very personal rendition of thoughts read, seen and receptions privately articulated in drawings/sketches.

An artist’s sketchbook is often hidden from the public eye, unseen lost in a sea of papers but is their “go to memory book”. This exhibition strives to allow the public access to see, touch and personally flip through the sketchbooks which provide a snippet into the artist’s soul and inner most creative mind.

September 15 - October 14, 2017
33 Contemporary Gallery,
Zhou B Art Center Chicago


A collection of the art can be found in one of the following categories.

  • Dafty Duds
  • Faces
  • Floral Treats
  • Patterns
  • Faces & Floral Treats

At Kennedy Wright Designs we put the environment first. Our custom art pieces are done on acid-free, recycled paper when available.
We can customize art to meet your decor -- whatever you need KWD is ready to cater.
With a touch of the Caribbean, Kennedy Wright Designs brings you authentic mixed media collages to accent your room.

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